Regarding to saving the IRAN economy

In the point of view of the Chief Economic Advisor of Dr. Raeisi, Iran presidential candidate

Economy Advisor: Dr. Amir kazemian

    The only way of saving any country’s economic downturn and corruption, are National production, distribution and exports. Until there is no production, there will be no supply, till there is no supply, there will be no export, and until there is no export, the currency will not be as strong as it should be in the country. As long as there is no incoming currency for the country, the value of the national currency will not rise , and as long as the country’s monetary value fluctuates and the unbridled currency bubble grips in the sick economy, there will be no growth and prosperity and development  in the economy. There will be no jump, the problem of unemployment, inflation, high prices, disorder will become more and more, and it will push the sick society to the brink of extinction. So let us change from slogan to action, from irresponsibility to a sense of responsibility, from threat to opportunity, from skepticism to optimism, from passivity to action, and know our zero point, and with love for the homeland, and by thinking about the history of Iran. And Iranian authority and with a sense of pride in the mythical of Iran, let’s start working with infrastructures , love and using the opinions of experts in order to have a standard product .. so that finally   waving the flag of economic diplomacy, and increasing our exports to all parts of the globe Earth.so lets try to remove the shadow of the economic recession from this border forever and rejoice the heart of our supreme leader and our proud nation.

 May the beautiful and proud name of great Iran will shine forever on the world stage.

President Economy Advisor: Dr.Amir Kazemian

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